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A Conversation with the Authors of Deconstructed

Immigration is arguably one of the most divisive issues the United States faces today. As the leader of one of the largest specialty subcontracting firms in the U.S. and a descendant of Czech immigrants, Stan Marek, CEO of MAREK, brings a unique perspective to the challenges of immigration reform. Founded in Houston in 1938, MAREK has grown from a drywall business to become an industry leader. As the company and the industry evolved, so too has the workforce, bringing with it a “burgeoning crisis for the industry.” 

Please join our webcast as we support this community conversation. Hear from our client Stan Marek and award-winning business journalist Loren C. Steffy who are co-authors of Deconstructed. The book explores the complicated issue of immigration and traces Marek’s family history, intertwined with changes in immigration law. The event will be a conversation between the co-authors; Marek’s personal views on immigration reform; the history and common misconceptions of immigration policy; and the economic importance of immigration reform.

Tuesday, April 13th
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

The first 75 people to register and attend the webcast will receive a complimentary copy of Deconstructed.