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Client Testimonials

“As an owner, I value that LaPorte brings a lot of technical and industry knowledge to our business. When we began working with them they provided strong support as we revamped our department and record keeping. They also helped us with transitioning in a new CPA internally who was strong technically but not familiar with our industry.

Today, they provide a full range of audit and tax services to us as well as on call consulting support when needed. They are helpful, easy to work with, and are well organized in advance so they can get in and get out without wasted time. It has been a good experience working with LaPorte and we get good value for our investment.”

Faith Filce, Chief Administrative Officer
Thoma-Sea Marine Constructors, LLC

“When our bonding company suggested we switch to a CPA firm focused on the construction industry, we engaged LaPorte to guide us in our growth. Now, years later, we are still happy with that decision. There are four major differentiators about LaPorte that I really value.

First, LaPorte has deep knowledge and they are willing to share it. They are there to guide us and answer questions and they send newsletters, emails, and articles on topics they know will interest us. Second, they offer a full range of services for a growing company and, if they can’t address a need, they have a working relationship with someone who can. Third, I value the engagement team continuity and how they transition in new team members when change is unavoidable. They let us know in advance and then do everything they can to make the transition easy. Finally I appreciate their high level of personal service. [They] are great to work with. They are personable and knowledgeable about our company, which is amazing given the number of clients I know they serve. For these reasons, I am happy to recommend LaPorte.”

Heather M. Hogan, Chief Financial Officer
Civil Construction Contractors, LLC

“It has been a pleasure to work with LaPorte over the last seven years as we have grown from a small to a much larger construction company. We find LaPorte to be very knowledgeable in the construction industry and the personable staff work well with our family-oriented company. They perform our year-end audit and prepare our corporate and shareholders’ personal tax returns. They are proactive in bringing tax insights to us and are always there to assist us when we need help. I am happy to recommend them and serve as a reference for LaPorte.”

Nicholle Dillard, Accountant
Shavers-Whittle Construction, LLC

“One of the things I’ve liked best about LaPorte in the 20+ years we’ve done business has been that our account has been managed by only 2 different individuals and both were principals/owners of the firm. We value that they have lots of experience working with contractors and that they provide the full spectrum of services. Their deep experience makes it easy for us, as they understand our lingo and our business. And, no matter what we get into, or where we have a need, such as in tax or business valuation, they have someone with experience in that area. Another thing I appreciate is that the firm, based on their knowledge, brings me unsolicited ideas that they believe will help the company or me personally. Some years ago, they recommended we switch from a C-Corp to an S-Corp, and this had a significant impact on my personal wealth. I’ve had an excellent relationship with LaPorte since 1981, and I am happy to recommend them to others in my industry.”

Jack Donahue, President
Donahue Favret