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Client Testimonials

“We have had a couple of years working with LaPorte CPAs & Business Advisors for our audit and tax services and we enjoy an excellent relationship. I have found that they truly understand what we do and that they are insightful with accounting and bookkeeping as well as instrumental in helping us build reports so that filing gets easier.

Other qualities we value are that they truly care, are flexible in scheduling based on our calendar, have exceptional follow through, and that we experience no last-minute surprises. They are good at laying out a timeline and sticking to it. And we enjoy a year round advisory relationship. For example in this past year, we had a corvette donated to us for a fundraiser and LaPorte provided rules on how this needed to be handled as well as great examples so that we were able to accurately and seamlessly report. We work closely with the school district’s program and needs and LaPorte coordinates well with the Clear Creek Independent School Districts accountant. I am happy to recommend LaPorte’s services.“

Deborah Laine
Executive Director, Clear Creek Education Foundation

“We have a wonderful relationship with LaPorte—not just for audit and tax services—but for all our needs through hurricanes, pandemics, or internal restructuring and more. LaPorte is strong on consultancy and their response time is always good. They are proactive on education and keep us up to date on new regulations.

I also appreciate the continuity of staffing and quality across all service areas and levels. The entire team is responsive, knowledgeable, and experienced. They are also easy to work with and we respect their outside perspective. Finally, while they are a strong regional firm, they are also part of the RSM national alliance and we believe that brings extra value when needed.”

Caroline Tierney
Vice President of Finance, Audubon Nature Institute

“When dealing with LaPorte CPAs & Business Advisors, I can rely on them to provide the type of guidance that we need for our everyday financial management. Prior to LaPorte, I thought of accounting firms as coming in once a year to handle our audit. However, the great thing about working with LaPorte is their year-round support. Wendi Berthelot and Nicole Reynolds are always available to us for on-call guidance, and they bring accounting policy changes to our attention early so we have time to think through any impact and implement any needed procedures. Also, with LaPorte, there are never any surprises. Their focus isn’t on an ‘I gotcha’ at audit time but instead is on doing such a great job guiding us all year long that we are doing exactly what we should be doing all the time.”

Ashley Orphe
Director of Operations, Mid City Redevelopment Alliance

“I have been working with LaPorte for over 15 years and can say they do a fantastic job. Whether it’s audit, tax, or a special project, they provide comprehensive, quality work. And, if there are any concerns, we sit down and discuss them. What I value most is that when they are engaged on our work, it feels as if they are focused on just us. We receive a very personalized level of service. Finally, I like knowing that if I have a need throughout the year, I can pick up the phone and get help quickly. Based on the strength of our relationship and the level of professional service we’ve received over these many years, I am happy to recommend LaPorte CPAs & Business Advisors.”

Billy Weales
President and CEO, The Blood Center

“We feel confident with them. Continuity, deep knowledge of nonprofits, dependability, and accessibility are what come to mind when I recommend the services of LaPorte. I also value that they do things when they say they will, and that our audit and tax work runs smoothly. Continuity is also a big plus for LaPorte as we don’t have to take the time to train someone new.”

Tatsy Jeter
Vice President of Finance, 
Louisiana Hospital Association