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Transaction Advisory Services

Transaction Advisory Services

LaPorte’s Transaction Advisory Services professionals offer an integrated approach to business transactions. Our team has deep experience providing business valuation, taxation, due diligence, transaction structuring, and financial performance analysis and modelling services, to name a few. Our knowledge covers the spectrum of transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, going-private, and others.

Qualifications to Meet Transaction Advisory Needs

Our Transaction Advisory leadership team advises companies of all sizes – from closely held family businesses to mid-market companies with diverse ownership structures. In addition, our registration with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board allows us to serve publicly traded companies that are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Our experience includes transactions with third parties, company insiders, and next-generation leaders.

Our highly credentialed team includes certified public accountants; certified public accountants/accredited in business valuation; a certified valuation analyst; master analyst in financial forensics; certified specialist in estate planning; and master of laws in taxation.

We serve all major industries, including among others construction, energy/oil and gas, healthcare, hospitality and entertainment, nonprofit, financial services, professional services, public sector, real estate, and software.


Our professionals bring proven, hands-on experience to our clients at every stage of the transaction process:

Pre-transaction Stage

  • Determine value of business including potential strategic and synergistic value
  • Identify tax optimization strategies
  • Determine succession, generational and ownership strategies
  • Prepare business for sale process, including preliminary accounting, IT, and operational assessment(s)
  • Conduct preliminary quality of earnings and assets analyses
  • Conduct working capital and cash flow analyses

Transaction Stage

  • Develop informational memorandum
  • Identify suitable candidates
  • Manage due diligence process
  • Formalize quality of earnings, assets, and trend analysis
  • Fully develop specific deal, strategic, and synergistic value(s)
  • Develop/analyze earnout scenarios
  • Advise on responses/negotiating strategies
  • Advise on optimizing tax implications of transaction, including purchase price allocations
  • Model return on investment and payback period under multiple scenarios as well as future cash flow
  • Evaluate and advise on deal terms and structuring
  • Advise on/calculate working capital thresholds in transaction agreement
  • Produce Quality of Earnings (QOE) Reports

Post-closing Stage

  • Monitor transaction terms and escrow provision(s)
  • Evaluate strategies related to deferral of proceeds
  • Advise on proceeds and generational transfers resulting from a sale
  • Determine working capital true-up