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LaPorte Cafe: Our Commitment to Our Public Sector Clients

At LaPorte, we take seriously our commitment to educating clients about new accounting standards or legislative updates. In an effort to provide timely topics of interest to our public sector clients, we created LaPorte Café, a monthly webcast. Taking place on the second Thursday of every month, LaPorte Café is a casual conversation between technical professionals in LaPorte’s Public Sector Industry Group, highlighting topics relevant to public sector clients. Topics have included “Implementing Controls in Digital and Remote Working Environments,” “SOC Reports,” cybersecurity, various GASB updates, and budgeting. Videos of previous webcasts can be accessed below. Click the image below if you would like to watch videos of previous LaPorte Cafés or want to be added to the list to receive invitations to upcoming webcasts in the series.

LaPorte Cafe videos