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Are You Prepared for the Next Cybersecurity Attack?

Implementing the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool help financial institutions understand their cyber risk and how to create cybersecurity systems and procedures.

Changes to Voluntary Correction Program Compliance Fees

Through the VCP, the IRS offers a way for companies not currently undergoing an IRS audit to remedy errors in their retirement plan documents.

Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program

The historic preservation tax credit program is designed to encourage developers to restore historic buildings of cultural and aesthetic significance for commercial and residential use.

Comfort Letters and Third-Party Verification Requests

Verification letters are often required in application processes that can be of special significance to client’s life. However, in responding to a third party verification, a CPA may violate professional standards.

Tax savings for parents

There are several tax deductions available to ease the financial burden of parenting and help families plan for their futures.

Complying with Pension Plan Act of 2006 Restatements

Employers must routinely make adjustments to their defined contribution retirement plans in order to stay in compliance with the IRS.

Benefits of Cost Segregation Studies

Cost segregation allows for reduced tax liability and can be particularly helpful in the early years of a new business.

Record retention for contractors

Crafting a retention policy allows contractors to create a clear and comprehensive system for both archiving and destroying records.

PATH Act of 2015 solidifies key tax breaks for individuals and businesses

The PATH Act extended or made permanent several key tax breaks for Louisiana residents and businesses.