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Upcoming Changes for our Review, Compilation, and Financial Statement Preparation Clients

Some of the services our firm provides are governed by standards set by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). There […]

Are you paying taxes in every state your business has nexus?

Many business owners and CFOs are unaware of the many factors which can contribute to a business having nexus to a state.

Suspension of Business Utility Exemption Results in 1% Business Tax on Utilities

The Legislature of Louisiana has voted to partially suspend the state sales tax exemption for most business utilities purchases.

What your nonprofit needs to know about Form 990

Tax season can be stressful for any organization, and nonprofits who want to maintain their status need to ensure they file all of the required documents correctly.

2015 Louisiana Tax Amnesty Program

This year, business owners and private individuals in Louisiana will have a rare opportunity to avoid some of the penalties traditionally associated with unpaid taxes.

Is your employee benefit plan compliant?

It’s more important than ever for employers to determine that their benefit plans adhere to Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service regulations as these regulatory bodies have become better at identifying businesses that fail to comply with fiduciary responsibilities. That means more and more benefit plan administrators are being hit with fines that can total up to $1,100 a day.

What is depletion and what is its effect on basis?

Oil and gas companies who want to calculate their tax burden accurately can’t afford to misunderstand depletion.

LaPorte Merger with Beyer Stagni Finalized

Regional firm LaPorte CPAs & Business Advisors (LaPorte) has announced the finalization of its merger with Beyer, Stagni & Company […]